Joe Cermele

Joe Cermele

Fishing Editor

Joe Cermele is the Fishing Editor of Outdoor Life, where he writes about fishing culture and how to catch a host of species. He has been in fishing media full time since graduating college in 2005. He’s authored three books, and written more articles, blogs, scripts, and voiceovers than he could count. He was the host of the Hook Shots video series and podcast, and most recently the host of B-Side Fishing, Das Boat, and the Bent podcast on the MeatEater Network.


  • Expertise and Interests: Flyfishing, not flyfishing when conventional fishing will produce more fish. Magnet fishing. Anything but trolling.
  • Other Publication experience: Field & Stream, MeatEater, On The Water, The Drake, Salt Water Sportsman, Men’s Journal, Anglers Journal, New Jersey Angler


Cermele was born into a fishing family. His grandparents on his dad’s side always had a boat and spent lots of time at local lakes and rivers. His grandparents on his mom’s side owned a bait and tackle shop in Trenton, New Jersey. Growing up, Cermele had two loves: fishing and music. He also loved to write, and when he finally realized his metal band wasn’t going to be the next Metallica, he decided to marry his love of writing and fishing while studying journalism in college. This (somehow) worked out, and 17 years later he’s had the honor of serving as the fishing editor of Field & Stream and Outdoor Life, as well as the senior fishing editor of MeatEater. What has really helped drive Cermele’s career is a genuine interest in all types of fishing. He’ll soak live shiners for bass one day, flyfish for trout the next, and fire poppers at tuna the day after that. He’s traveled the world chasing myriad species, but for him the reward of those trips is less about catching a fish and more about spending time with anglers from all walks of life, learning what they do, and relaying their wisdom to his readers, viewers, and listeners. Cermele lives in Eastern Pennsylvania with his wife and two children, close to his beloved Delaware River and Jersey Shore.


Cermele graduated from Rider University with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism.

Fun Fact

Cermele was once berated by a pajama-clad Hank Williams, Jr. moments before old Bocephus personally kicked him off his property in Tennessee.

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