P.J. Reilly

P.J. Reilly

Gear Writer

P.J. Reilly is one of Outdoor Life’s archery gear writers. When he’s not writing about the latest and greatest compound bows, he’s making videos about archery products, archery tournaments, and archery professionals for one of the biggest archery suppliers in the world – Lancaster Archery Supply. Somehow, he turned flinging arrows at boxes in the backyard into a full-time career. He lives in Wagontown, PA, with his superhero wife, brain-addled cat, and a backyard full of wild critters.


  • Expertise and interests include bowhunting whitetails and all things archery
  • Enjoys interviewing people with interesting stories to tell
  • Previous work experience: Lancaster Newspapers


Reilly began his professional career as a newspaper reporter, covering the outdoors, crime, politics and anything else newsworthy in the communities he covered. He held that job for 25 years, while also contributing as a freelance writer to nearly every hunting magazine on the newsstand. At the invitation of the company founder and president, he joined Lancaster Archery Supply to start a blog. That initial work launched the company into an all-out media craze that now includes YouTube reviews of archery gear, a podcast, and television coverage of professional archery tournaments.


Reilly graduated from Gettysburg College, with a bachelor’s degree in English.

Words of Wisdom

“It is what it is.” Brooding over the existence of a life obstacle doesn’t make it go away.

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