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San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Warning - This website has no intention of being "Politcally Correct".

"The word is mightier than the sword."... Assyrian sage Ahiqar

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If you have good reason to feel that you have been defrauded, given bad service, or taken financial advantage of by any business or person offering services in San Miguel de Allende please let me know. Simply send me an email message describing in your own words what occurred. The text of your message will be published on this web site anonymously... If I feel your complaint is a valid one.

Likewise, if you feel you have been treated well by a business, or someone has given you good service let me know, in your own words, so that I can post your recommendation to visitors of this web site. Usually a person saying something good about another person, or business, will not mind their name being published. If you do just let me know and you will remain anonymous.

1. Please do not submit comments on restaurants or on the food they serve, except if they fall within the guidelines noted above

2. Do not submit a review if the review is about your own business, service, or are employed by that business or service... Duh!

3. This web site is soley support by the appearing ads, please pay attention to them.

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What's to Like about SMA

"Hot air ballons, in the sky, in the morning!"

"Great Food, and mostly inexpensive!"

"Early morning jogs in Juarez Park"

"I can bribe my way out of traffic tickets."

"Free concerts in the Jardin."

"The smiling eyes of pretty senoritas."

"Being able now to afford a housekeeper and gardener."

"Fabrica La Aurora, a great walkabout!"

Pet Peeves

"Taxi drivers too ignorant to turn off cab light when they have passengers."

"Bottle rockets shot off before dawn... Insanity!"

"Ice cream trucks with their horrible music, tinkling bells so much better."

"Worrying if the quail I ate for dinner in the Jardin was a pigeon I fed in the afternoon. :-)"

"Several Mariachi Bands playing at the same time in the Jardin, sometimes even one is over doing it."

"You don't come to San Miguel de Allende for the food,"... which is sometimes all too gastronomically true!

gastronomically true

Submit your "What's to Like" and "Pet Peeves", and known scams taking place in the area to the email address at bottom of this page.